Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hot Today

It's been a hot day here in Melbourne, not sure of what temperature it got to but I would say low 30's, for some that isn't hot but it hasn't warmed up to those temperatures, just whamo it hits. But we are rather lucky here as we may get a couple of day's in a row of high temperatures but then we get a cool change. Tomorrow I heard was 30's again then a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon, lets hope that we get some well needed rain with that.
I was talking with a lady from the water company today and she was saying that at the end of November our water restriction rating will be adjusted at the moment we are on 3a but more than likely we will go to 4, which means no watering of gardens what so ever, unless it's with recycled water from the house. I told her that my garden is so lush as I have drought tolerant plants weeds , it's amazing those drought tolerant plants weeds remain nice and green without any water at all and continue to grow with no love at all given to them.

UPDATE ; Weather forecast for tonight - DARK !
Goodnight xx

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