Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm currently at work writing this post as someone over the holidays used up the total allowance of our broadband which has now put us on dialup speed which is slower than a turtle race meeting. Saturday 31st is billing day so hopefully I'll be back on broadband speed so I can update my blog.
Ok now all you Melbourneites out there I hope your gearing up for the horrific heat we're expecting this week, and most important look after your animals, clean fresh water daily, perhaps even a few bowls of water placed around the yard, I know when it's hot I place a plastic milk bottle of water which has been frozen in their bowls of water so it's stays cool most of the day. And if you've got one of those shell plastic pool/sandpits doovas it's a good idea to put some water in that too. If your lucky to be home bring your dogs/cats inside just so they can remain out of the heat.
I sound like Doctor Harry Don't I ?? Just remember if you had a fur coat on in 40+ degree heat how you would feel.
Bye bye for now.........stay cool !

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My Oh My Ohh My !!...I have just received my FIRST award, The Spirit of Christmas Award From Soozii. Thankyou Soozie. I shall do my best to honor this award.

The conditions associated with this award mean that I am to name 5 reasons why I love Christmas.
1. The Giving and Receiving of Presents, more so the giving than receiving, although I do love to receive "surplises", I am not one to give a present on a nominated day, but christmas is just one of those days when I can give to those that I hold dear to my heart.

2. Christmas eve My mother and Father would come over and stay until boxing day, now that my father is no longer with us My Mother continues the tradition. I love having her come and stay and doing everything I can to make her day special.

3. Sitting down at christmas dinner the conversation always turns to when we were kids and my mum always remembers what I'd like to forget..still it's a enjoyable day, filled with laughter, enourmous amounts of food, family come and going, phone calls, text messages and who could forget...DISHES !!!

4. A time to reflect on things I could have done better, on things I would like to do and try to achieve those things. Sometimes our lives get away from us and I often find myself thinking I wish I had done !!!! so this is a time when I can spend time with my mum and do things for her that I normally can't do when I am working during the week.

5. To relax after the big day and to hope that everybody enjoyed Christmas Day.

I would live to thank Soozii for nominating me for this special award, and in return I would like to give this to Jacki from Jackie's Jam session. Jackie has been my friend for many years and for nearly 2 years our friendship has blossomed into being "stitch N Bitch" friends.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Concert and Telstra Dome

Tonight my DD aged 21 and 11 months went along to Telstra dome for the Dance concert with a group of friends, this has been a concern for me all day as the media has hyped it up so much as the crowd is expected to exceed 40,000 with only 55 security guards. She phoned me about 11pm to wish me a happy new year and to tell me she loves me very much, I could hear the noise music in the background, she sounded excited and was having a ball. I still won't rest until I know she is safely tucked up in bed..when she eventually gets home as this concert finishes at 6am New Years day. I am sure she won't emerge from her bed until late in the afternoon. Do mothers ever stop worrying?

New Years Eve

Tonight we spent a lovely evening with my Stitching Friend Janita alias the "Talented One" and her Husband Mark, along with Marks Sister and her Husband. It was a very enjoyable evening. We had a lovely dinner of Beef and Chicken, Potatoes cooked in foil, coleslaw, and salad. Thankyou Nita for a lovely night.