Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm currently at work writing this post as someone over the holidays used up the total allowance of our broadband which has now put us on dialup speed which is slower than a turtle race meeting. Saturday 31st is billing day so hopefully I'll be back on broadband speed so I can update my blog.
Ok now all you Melbourneites out there I hope your gearing up for the horrific heat we're expecting this week, and most important look after your animals, clean fresh water daily, perhaps even a few bowls of water placed around the yard, I know when it's hot I place a plastic milk bottle of water which has been frozen in their bowls of water so it's stays cool most of the day. And if you've got one of those shell plastic pool/sandpits doovas it's a good idea to put some water in that too. If your lucky to be home bring your dogs/cats inside just so they can remain out of the heat.
I sound like Doctor Harry Don't I ?? Just remember if you had a fur coat on in 40+ degree heat how you would feel.
Bye bye for now.........stay cool !


Jackie said...

I'm not lookin' forward to this week Pammie. Hope Nita's aircon is working on Friday night.

clare said...

Wise words . Keep cool .
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