Monday, February 9, 2009

Sad Day

My thoughts go out to those that have lost loved ones, friends, neighbours and animals in these horrific fires that we have in Victoria, the sad part is some of these fires were deliberately light. Some of us complain about our plants and lawns that are dying in this heat, but there are so many who are now homeless wearing only the clothes on their backs, plants and lawns can be replaced so give a thought to those that have lost everything. Give thanks to those that have put their own lives in danger to protect our country. Such a sad day in Victoria's history.


Anonymous said...

Be safe my friend,
In the UK we can only imagine the horror of this, and my heart goes out to all those who are suffering. xxx

Tinniegirl said...

It is a terribly sad time. It is wonderful to watch the community come together to rebuild and repair the damage and broken hearts.