Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Christmas decorations Added

Musical christmas Tea Pot.

Nativity Scene and two little Gold Trees on the coffee table

A couple of funny Santa's

Santa tea light Holder.

Santa sitting beside a small tree.

Santa's on the side board.

Each year I like to decorate the Christmas Tree in a theme, pink/silver, red/gold this year I thought I'd go with Blue/Silver, but today I was asked "where is the red" so tonight when I looked at it I thought it needed some color, so not only did I add Red but also Gold. I would love to know what you think of my tree.
Normally I would have the tree in the lounge Room, but as we spend the majority of Christmas Day in the Dining Room I thought I'd put it there so it will be seen on the day.

Red, Blue and Gold - Lights off.

Blue and Silver Tree.

That's all there is for tonight, stay tuned for more Christmas 2008 Decorations at Come What May.


The Faerie Queen said...

Beautiful just beautiful decorations.
I will, I will put mine up, soon xxx

meggie said...

Your decorations are cute. I love teapots, which is really strange~ I dont drink tea!
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