Saturday, December 13, 2008


You wouldn't believe it that at this time of the year, I have caught a cold, or a cold has caught me. It all started Thursday, a nagging little tickle in the throat, thursday night the coughing fits started and continued, friday that tickle has gone but a gut wrenching, body aching, rib stabbing cough has taken it's place. Saturday morning feeling like a road train hit me and dragged me to Port Augusta and left me on the side of the road. But Hey I feel great !!. There's housework to be tackled, washing to be done, I have to wash my little dog as I'm sure he snuck out the gate during the day and found a muddy hole to play in, you see it's been raining for the last 24 hours, I'm not complaining as we need the rain but can't it rain during the night and the sun shine during the day, thursday night I put clothes on the line in hindesight I should have taken them of friday morning but nahhh it will be ok, oh oh oh..wrong move, they are now drenched and will have to go back into the LG to get rewashed so that means I'll have to go outside in the rain to get them off the line, prolly end up with pneumonia, as if there isn't enough washing to do without having to rewash clothes. But Hey it's great we've got rain. And to make matters worse my router still hasn't been installed so I still can't use my own computer, looks like all the pics I've taken will have to go on next years christmas blog.
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. xxx

Jackie said...

You should be in bed sleeping then instead of on the 'putor posting. After all DH & DD are both at work. Peace & quite. BTW don't throw out those scraps!!! You know wat I mean.