Sunday, December 28, 2008

The big day

This year I kept the table setting simple to keep room for all the serving dishes so everybody could help themselves to their meal. I made the little boots and in each was the cutlery wrapped in a serviette along with a small bon bon and a candy cane. The meal was lovely if I say so myself and I hope that body left the table feeling hungry. Each Christmas I try to make the day special for my Mum so I hope she enjoyed HER day. Lunch this year there was 6 of 3, my mum and brother and my sister inlaw Glenys. Glenys is the wife of my brother that passed away, she is still family and each Christmas she is invited for lunch.
Boxing day my nephew Glenn his wife Deanne and their twin girls Charli and Jordyn came as did my Niece Kristy and her husband Craig with their beautiful little Girl Caitlyn. They usually try to call in on Christmas Day but it's just so difficult trying to spread themselves around so they came boxing day to see their grandmother.
Caitlyn is the sweetest little girl, a beautiful nature, I know if my brother was still alive he would be besotted with his 3 georgous grand dauthers.
Below is a picture of Caitlyn.

Off course I have to put a picture of my little cosgrove in his santa hat.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful table layout, and your grandie is a cuteie pie. xxx