Thursday, March 26, 2009


I thought I'd update my blog as I've got a hour to go untill my new car gets delivered to me...well not new as in NEW but a NEW car to me..does that sound goobly gook? car is due to come to me at 1pm it's a RAV4 cruiser..OH WHAT A FEELING TOYOTA !!!!!!!!! to come later I'm sure. So I'm really excited and can't wait, a little nervous about driving it for the first time on my own but I'm sure once I'm on the road I'll be fine.
This weekend my bitch N stitch friends and myself are going away to Philip Island, we are leaving tomorrow morning, (friday) and coming back Monday, our plans are to sew but those other 2 have decided unless I bring DH's quilt to finish I'm not going, so when I am picked up in the morning I'm sure "quilt Customs" will want to search my luggage to ensure I've packed it.
I will take my digy cam with me to Philip Island and get some pictures of us working are staying in house that has a balcony which looks out over Smiths Beach, may even take a walk to the beach and get some piccies...that's if the quilt police let me out..
I hope everyone is enjoy their week, I'll be posting again next week with some pics ..
remember.........OH WHAT A FEELING !!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia said...

Good to see you blogging again. I was concerned that the storms, earthquakes, fires, etc.... had shut you down. Have a fun weekend!

Julia Molano Galan said...

Pam I had a great time reading over your blog and I think it is absolutely lovely. It pictures pretty well the remarkable and incredible woman you are, I just love the way you write.
Hope you thoroughly enjoy your long weekend and have fun driving that beauty.
Take plenty of pictures for us to see.
Love, Julia.

Julia Molano Galan said...

Pam, your blog is just fantastic, I had a wild of a time reading it and loved it all the way. Hope you have a great weekend and have lots of fun with that new car. Oh and take plenty of pictures for us to see.
The more I know you, more certain I am of what an incredible remarkable woman you are. Thank-you for being such a beautiful person.
Ta ta.

barn owl said...

Have just spent a lovely time reading your blog.I did laugh at times.
Cheered me up no end.
Have a great week end.
Look forward to see photos.

Jackie said...

waiting...waiting...waiting....still no pics...waiting....waiting...

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Hi there...calling by to see what you have been up to...that is so exciting...a new car!!! I'm sure you will get used to it in to time♥x