Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did the earth move for you.

Last Night Melbourne experienced a earth tremor, I was sitting bitchin stitchin, when I felt the house shake, my DD came out of her room and said that was a big gust of wind, but told her it was actually a Earth Tremor, you could feel it moving through the house, it was a weird experience I can tell you. The herald sun newspaper reported at being 4.6 which is quiet a moderate shake for us. I heard that we could experience after shocks today but are unlikely to feel them.
Did the earth move for you?

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Julia said...

Nope, the earth did not move in East Tennessee this time. We've had very small earthquakes before, though. West TN, now that's another story. They are sitting on a huge fault line.
We had one during the night once that knocked a BIG HEAVY mirror off our wall. The mirror falling woke us up. We didn't know till the next day when we saw it in the paper that we'd had an earthquake.
Hope you don't have any more. Isn't that what causes and tsunami?