Thursday, January 1, 2009

Concert and Telstra Dome

Tonight my DD aged 21 and 11 months went along to Telstra dome for the Dance concert with a group of friends, this has been a concern for me all day as the media has hyped it up so much as the crowd is expected to exceed 40,000 with only 55 security guards. She phoned me about 11pm to wish me a happy new year and to tell me she loves me very much, I could hear the noise music in the background, she sounded excited and was having a ball. I still won't rest until I know she is safely tucked up in bed..when she eventually gets home as this concert finishes at 6am New Years day. I am sure she won't emerge from her bed until late in the afternoon. Do mothers ever stop worrying?

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Sooziii said...

Glad she had a great time better than your sleepless

Go to my blog I have awarded you the Spirit of Chrissy award if you would like it.